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Is B & J Wonderland Day Care a licensed facility?

Yes, all our child care centers are licensed and monitored by the New York State Office of Children & Family Services. B & J Wonderland Day Care carefully follows and exceeds all regulations set forth by New York State.

Can B & J Wonderland Day Care administer medication?

B & J Wonderland Day Care is able to administer two medications only, Albuterol and/or nebulizer for children with Asthma and epinephrine auto-injector for children with severe allergies. We are authorized to apply over the counter ointments only such as diaper cream, sun screen protection and insect repellent. Medications are only given if the proper forms are signed by parent and physician and given to us along with the medication in its original container, labeled with the child’s full name. According to New York State regulations, all paperwork must be completely filled out and submitted before administering medication to any child.

What are your hours of operation?

We are open Monday through Friday from 8:00am-6:00pm. Extended hours may be available between 7:00am and 7:00pm at the discretion of the on site provider at your child’s site.

What are the tuition fees?

Tuition at B & J Wonderland Day Care varies according to the age of the child and location. We offer limited part time enrollment, full time, and drop in care.

What type of curriculum is followed at B & J Wonderland Day Care?

Lesson Plans where created by B & J Wonderland Day Care for the year. Our childcare curriculum involves developmentally appropriate activities involving areas such as: sensory, math, reading, writing, language development, science, arts & crafts, and fine and gross motor activities, pretend play and more.

How many children can each facility accommodate?

Each facility is licensed to provide care to 16 children, ages 6 weeks to 12 years.

Are meals provided?

B & J Wonderland Daycare is part of the NYS Food Program. We serve breakfast, lunch, and supper. Your child must be present at the time meals are served. Although we have a scheduled meal time, children under 18 months eat as needed.

Meal Times
Breakfast: 9:30am
Lunch: 12:15pm
Supper: 4:00pm


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